The Ultimate List of 100 Non-Toy Gift Ideas

The Ultimate List of 100 Non-Toy Gift Ideas

Season Passes

– Zoo
– Museum
– Butterfly Conservatory
– Aviary
– Aquarium
– Amusement Park

One-Time Passes

– Movies
– Bowling
– Swimming
– Theatre Performance
– Go see a sporting event
– Disney On Ice
– Circus
– Ice Skating
– Roller Skating
– Mini Golf
– Concert

Experiences for Kids

– Horse & Buggy Ride
– Train Ride
– Ice Cream Vouchers
– Special dinner out
– A Trip to the Fire Station
– A Trip to Chuckie Cheese (buy the tokens ahead of time so you have something to wrap!)
– Coupon book with “time” gifts (ie. an afternoon making cookies with mom)

Older Kids or Grown-Ups

– Hot Air Balloon Ride
– Wine Tasting
– Zip Lining
– Helicopter Ride
– Trip to the Spa (Mani/Pedi, Massage, Facial, etc.)
– Rock Climbing
– Trip to Arcade

A Class or Season of Lessons

– Swimming
– Sports
– Gymnastics
– Dance
– Karate
– Musical Instrument
– Pottery Class- or paint your own pottery
– Art Class
– Craft class (ie. knitting)
– Horseback riding lessons
Cooking Class, better yet Cooking Class together

Family Experiences

– A night(s) away at a local hotel (with a pool)
– A hotel with an indoor waterpark
– Camping
– Road trip
– Give them travel/camping gear needed for the experience you’ll be gifting so that they have a physical item to unwrap

Physical Gifts that aren’t Toys

– Books
– Games
– Puzzles
– Photo Album
– Piggy Bank & Coins
– CDs of fun kids music
– Craft kits
– Science kit
– New art supplies
– Magazine Subscription
– Monthly Craft Kit Subscription
– Fun Bath Supplies (colour-changing water, crayons that write on walls, foamy soap, etc.)
– A wagon to pull kids in when you go on walks
– Stationary
– Special Christmas Tree Ornament
– Wrist watch
– Memory/Photo Book
– Journal

Fun “Needs”

– Kid furniture
– New bedding that they really like
– Bedroom d├ęcor/Promise of a total room makeover
– New hat, mitts, etc.
– Bike
– Scooter
– Roller skates/blades
– Basketball hoop
– Trampoline
– Swing set (for big ticket items like this, grandparents can pitch in)
– An item they need, but they wanted a more expensive version than you would normally buy (ie. boots/clothes)
– Colourful band aids
– Sled/toboggan/other winter outdoor things
– Sleeping bag
– Flashlight
– Toy box
– Personal set of scriptures
– Jewelry box

Learning Tools

– Telescope
– Magnifying glass
– Strong Magnet
– Science Kit
– Magic Kit
– Cookbook & Apron/Chef Hat
– Easel
– Chalkboard
– Gardening tools
– Bug-catching tools
– Binoculars
– Globe


– Educational App they can play on your phone/ipod/tablet or Computer Game
– Items they need for lessons (costume/instrument/etc.)
– A new game for a game console
– A refill for an easy bake oven or other toy requiring refills
– A pet! (perhaps a “certificate” saying that you will go and pick one out together)
– Pet Accessories/supplies
– iTunes gift card

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