The Greatest Gift We can Give our Kids

The Greatest Gift We can Give our Kids

What do our kids need when they are afraid? What do they need when they are angry? What do they need when they are anxious? What can we do to settle their hearts?

When our kids are struggling, all we want to do is fix things. Whether they are infants or in their twenties, all we want to do is help.

I want to encourage you today as a parent that you hold a tremendous gift in loving your child. You have the gift of prayer and the Word of God. The living and active Word…..Jesus in written form.

I was talking to a young mother this morning who is struggling in her marriage. She was in anguish over how it is affecting her child. Her heart was so broken. We talked about giving lots of affection to this child, even when the child’s attitude would normally call for discipline. I was encouraging her to stop and hold her little one and pray over her right then and there. Within the prayer, she would have opportunity to affirm that God is with them and loves them and would never leave them.

I then encouraged her to teach Psalms 46:1 to her little one. “The Lord is my refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble.”  As they memorize it together, mom can help her speak out the Word when she is feeling anger, fear or uncertainty. This will help bring comfort and the reminder that God is in control. It will also give her child a sense of control…now she has something “to do” when she feels scared or angry.

Our children need to know WHO their redeemer is. They need to be reassured WHO loves them and will never leave them or forsake them. They need to know WHO is more than enough for them. They need to know WHERE their help comes from.

The greatest gift we can give to our kids is an assurance that God is the answer for everything they will ever face in this life. The Word holds that assurance and repeats it over and over. Let it come out of your mouth and be a blessing to your child today….whether they are 1 or 21….let them be touched by Him through your prayers and words, His words, today.

Have an awesome week!
In Him,

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