The Earth is Not my Home

The Earth is Not my Home

I wrote last time about a dear friend of ours who was called Home…his eternal Home. I have been thinking a lot about the Hope of our salvation. Jesus is Hope. I capitalize the word hope because it’s not a description of Jesus, it’s actually who He is. Hope. If it were not for Jesus, I would have no hope of ever being reunited with our friend again. I would have no words to comfort his sweet wife. I would have nothing. Hope is living, breathing, and alive.

If we live for Jesus…Hope lives inside of us. Sustains us. Pours out upon others around us. Holds us and remains with us, never leaving us.

The truth is, this earth is not our home. Heaven is. Compared to eternity, our time on this earth is like a blink of an eye. We are here, and then we are gone. The moment our spirit leaves earth, we are in the sweet, precious, powerful presence of Jesus.

So I ask…why is this earth so important to us? Why aren’t we looking up…all the time…anticipating His return? Why does this earth, which will pass away, pull us with such intensity that we ignore the God who created it? We ignore His voice, His presence in our lives, His prompting, His comfort. We act as if this earth is everything to us instead of living as if we understand we are only passing through. Passing through to our real Home.

I want to live more intentionally in the truth that this earth is not my home. I want to wake up everyday thinking about Heaven. Not to ignore life on this earth, but if I am thinking about my Heavenly home, I will be more aware of people on this earth. People who need a Savior, His love, His kindness, His salvation. I want everyone I know to be in Heaven with me. Don’t you?

As the book says….Heaven is for Real! Friends, we will live forever and ever in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. We will get to worship Him face to face. We won’t have to imagine about Heaven. All of our questions will be answered. There will be no more pain, no more tears, no more grief. Only joy. Joy like we can’t even begin to comprehend. Earth will be a distant memory. Our eyes only on Jesus.

So lets begin today, eyes only on Jesus, thinking of Heaven, and reaching out to others around us so they too, can know this Hope who makes our life worth living.

In Him,

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