Looking for God

Looking for God

IMG_2757So often we look for and almost have an expectation of a roadmap being provided showing just where God intends us to go. Though at least in my best memory, I’ve never found mine. As we get older we have that luxury of the rear view mirror and the backward glance down the long, long road. When do this we can so easily see how God took all these weird and wild places we landed or placed ourselves and used them later in life to speak to others, weave into a story, use to smooth someone else’s path or make another’s journey somewhat easier. But while we’re on the path, we’re just wondering where the heck that road map is.

What’s amazing is that God can use us … everyday, in small ways, with  strangers, sometimes with people we don’t even know he using us with, He can use us with friends, with co-workers, with friends.  So we just need to know He can use us.  Everyday He has 10,000 plans for us, we see 3 of them … maybe!

So what happens when we are on that path, have our plans laid out, think we have it all together and it changes.  The rug is pulled out from under us, so to speak – what then?  Whose plan is that??

It’s hard to recognize God’s hand in our life when things haven’t gone our way, but it is easy to recognize God’s hand in little ways every day.  We just need to know if we can see those little things, and can recognize the 3 big plans, He is working on 9997 other things we can’t see … it’s a trust thing.

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