All too Familiar

All too Familiar

Recently, while watching a teaching by Albert Tate, I was struck by his words of encouragement. He reminded me to pay attention to the piece that really matters…the heart. He was talking about when tasks become so comfortable and familiar that we miss the biggest assignment of the task.

Albert was talking about church work but the more I thought on this concept I realized it can be applied to any area of our life.

“Be careful, while doing the familiar things we can miss the heart.”¬†

You see often times in the familiar tasks whether it’s bathing a child, a work routine, making a meal, serving the same position at church for months, leading worship, household chores, teaching a class or casual/routine dialog with your spouse/family…we become so familiar and comfortable in the routine that we miss the heart.

Serving and loving others in the mundane is what we are called to do in the daily grind. Instead of seeing a task and just trying to get in accomplished; be in the moment. See the heart of who’s going to be the recipient of the work. Pray for them, act like they matter and their heart matters. Because they do in His eyes.

I believe God placed us here in this very time, in this family, at the job, in this position because He was sending an ambassador in his sted. He knew a human, tangible touch was going to be needed in the lives around us…so He commissioned us to do the service. But in our human-ness we get busy in the familiar and miss the assignment. We miss the heart.

What is it that you have missed the heart in lately? What assignments are you doing on a weekly basis that you just want to finish and you’ve lost the love of the work/service? Where can you look for the heart?

Since hearing this message I try to ask myself, at any given moment, “Who needs me here Lord?” Or I will ask Him, “Lord, don’t let me miss an opportunity to love on others.” Because the truth is, there are many things in my week that the tasks are all too familiar and just a routine. I have lost the “look” for those who need Him and His touch.

So, let’s start our week evaluating our routines and ask the Lord to show us where we have lost the “look” for others in need. Ask Him to show you where you are needed. I know He has an assignment for us all…even in the familiar. Be looking for the heart this week!

Live Well,

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