A Note of Change

A Note of Change

Dear Military Families,

Some of you know me well, some know me in passing and some of you have yet to meet me. But as a ministry, this note is for you.  I sometimes think that my life has progressed by way of a series of breakdowns and reconstructions. Such times haven’t exactly been frequent in my life, but they have represented important turning points. There have been three times I can recall where I’ve hit a crossroads resulting in significant change, and ultimately significant growth.  Fitting with my personality, each has been associated with work.  The last one was ten years ago … meeting God and following His lead into ministry.  It is always difficult to make changes in life.  They say change will come when the pain of staying the same is worse than the pain of change. Ten years ago God brought me to work at North Coast by way of one of these changes or reconstructions.  I now believe he is releasing me from North Coast and leading me in new directions.

At the beginning of my husband Mick and my relationship, we had a short period where we worked together.  We have often reflected that it was the best time in our lives.  We work well together.  That said, a year ago Mick became partner in Premier Signs in San Marcos.  January 1, I will pick up an additional percentage of the company and take over as General Manager.  I have a passion for small business, particularly businesses struggling but with the foundation to grow.  This opportunity and the ability to once again work with Mick has lead me to the difficult, and painful, decision to leave my position at North Coast effective December 31.  I honestly feel God is releasing me and am excited to see where this next adventure leads.

Along with the change, I have decided to step down as the Director of the Military Ministry.  I launched this ministry 8 years ago from a heart for the military, a passion to support the men and women who serve and love for the families they leave behind. Each day I have prayed that this ministry honors both my heavenly Father and my earthly father who paid the ultimate sacrifice as a Marine. The ministry has grown from 18 women to over 800 men/women. As I looked a leaving the ministry, I began to pray for God to show me who would lead it, care for it and love it as much as I have. There was only one answer – Kevin & Tracie Moss.

Kevin & Tracie have been at North Coast 15 years.  Kevin is a retired Marine (pilot) and is a fan of football and construction projects. Tracie is the volunteer coordinator at the Carlsbad campus, but also a wife, mother, military wife, speech pathologist, and nationally known speaker. They have a 14-year old daughter, Emma, and a grown daughter Ashley, son-in-law John, and grandchildren Coleman and Gracie. When asked why them, my answer is simple.  They are solid.  Solid marriage, solid life and solid walk with the Lord.  These are people I truly admire, as a couple and individually.  Selfishly, I could only turn the ministry over to someone I respect, admire and whom I knew would care for it as I have. I have no concern that I am leaving the ministry in great hands. They are rockstars! Tracie is compassionate, sweet and a good leader.  Kevin is … well, you’ll see!  He’s a great guy and a kick to be around.

Finally, it is hard to describe the profound and life-altering experience it has been to lead this ministry. I have loved these families as if they were my own.  I have found my closest friends, my family, my “children” and my “grandchildren.” I have been privileged to perform baptisms, participate in marriages, be present at births and attend promotions, graduations and retirements. I have been given the supreme honor of overseeing memorial services and standing graveside as we have buried fallen heroes, wives and even children. My heart has rejoiced with you and my heart has broken with you. I have laughed, loved and cried with “my” military families. I am eternally grateful for all you have taught me and the love you have shown me; for allowing me into your lives, your families and your hearts. As I leave this chapter of my life, it is so very bittersweet as I will so very much miss “my” families.

Following God’s lead,

Deb Bostwick