Our #1 Priority

Our #1 Priority

As I sat and listened to one of our senior Pastors talk about the coming year I was encouraged when he said these words, “To remain healthy, you have to be your number 1 priority.” That sounded so self-centered at first but honestly they are honest words for the New Year.

Often our goals at the beginning of the year focus on the things we want to accomplish. We make lists of ministry or vocational opportunities, ideas for our families, and even spiritual goals. What we often miss is the toll these goals will take on us if we don’t have our priorities straight. It’s much like the oxygen mask in the airplane isn’t it?

We must take care of ourselves first before we can be of benefit to others around us.

If I am tired, sluggish and not feeling well or in a good emotional state; I will miss opportunities to love on others every time. If I don’t set boundaries and limits on my self I will miss opportunities to feed into those who are most important to me, my family. If I spend more time at church or work or volunteering or whatever I feel called to do and miss out on family meals and activities with my children….I lose precious time with them that I can never regain.

After all, Jesus gave us this exact model. When He had ministered, healed, and been with people for an event; He would take His team and go away for rejuvenation. They went away to rest, to pray, and to be with one another. He knew they would burn out and not be as effective without putting themselves first; to fill up so they could pour out.

I am so energized by the “OK” to change up my goals for this year…reevaluate my priorities and make sure I/We are number 1. Then all others file in line. I will set boundaries that protect family time. I will ask the Lord for discipline to take care of myself first and in a wiser fashion so I can go out and do what He’s called me to do.

So, go ahead….make yourself your #1 priority – get healthy, spiritually, emotionally, or physically or maybe you need a bit of work on all three. You have permission to work on yourself, your heart, your soul and then look for the amazing opportunities He places in your path!

The truth is, we can accomplish far more for the Kingdom when we are happy, healthy and thriving in our selves and homes!

Live Well,

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