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Prayer Support

Did you know we have a prayer team dedicated to praying for our military and their families? You can post a prayer request online, fill out a worship response card during the weekend services or email Deb directly at

For Parents

Military Baby Showers!

Are you expecting or just had a baby?  We offer a baby shower every other month for our new moms.  This is a fun opportunity to meet other new moms as well as receive some great gifts for your new baby.  Here are the details! Who:   Any expecting military spouse or active duty military member What:  If you are expecting within two months or have had your baby and he/she is no older than two months you are eligible for the shower closest to your due date.  Space is limited so please rsvp as soon as possible. We also offer free childcare for the event. When:  From 10am to 12pm - Check the schedule for upcoming dates Where:  North Coast Church, Vista Campus in the Warehouse All you have to do to register you or a friend is email us at  ...

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The Greatest Gift We can Give our Kids

What do our kids need when they are afraid? What do they need when they are angry? What do they need when they are anxious? What can we do to settle their hearts? When our kids are struggling, all we want to do is fix things. Whether they are infants or in their twenties, all we want to do is help. I want to encourage you today as a parent that you hold a tremendous gift in loving your child. You have the gift of prayer and the Word of God. The living and active Word...

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The Ultimate List of 100 Non-Toy Gift Ideas

Season Passes - Zoo - Museum - Butterfly Conservatory - Aviary - Aquarium - Amusement Park One-Time Passes - Movies - Bowling - Swimming - Theatre Performance - Go see a sporting event - Disney On Ice - Circus - Ice Skating - Roller Skating - Mini Golf - Concert Experiences for Kids - Horse & Buggy Ride - Train Ride - Ice Cream Vouchers - Special dinner out - A Trip to the Fire Station - A Trip to Chuckie Cheese (buy the tokens ahead of time so you have something to wrap!) - Coupon book with "time" gifts (ie. an afternoon making cookies with mom) Older Kids or Grown-Ups - Hot Air Balloon Ride - Wine Tasting - Zip Lining - Helicopter Ride - Trip to the Spa (Mani/Pedi, Massage, Facial, etc.) - Rock Climbing - Trip to Arcade A Class or Season of Lessons - Swimming - Sports - Gymnastics - Dance - Karate - Musical Instrument - Pottery Class- or paint your own pottery - Art Class - Craft class (ie. knitting) - Horseback riding lessons Cooking Class, better yet Cooking Class together Family Experiences - A night(s) away at a local hotel (with a pool) - A hotel with an indoor waterpark - Camping - Road trip - Give them travel/camping gear needed for the experience you'll be gifting so that they have a physical item to unwrap Physical Gifts that aren't Toys - Books - Games - Puzzles - Photo Album - Piggy Bank & Coins - DVD - CDs of fun kids music - Craft kits - Science kit - New art supplies - Magazine Subscription - Monthly Craft Kit Subscription - Fun Bath Supplies (colour-changing water, crayons that write on walls, foamy soap, etc.) - A wagon to pull kids in when you go on walks - Stationary - Special Christmas Tree Ornament - Wrist watch - Memory/Photo Book - Journal Fun "Needs" - Kid furniture - New bedding that they really like - Bedroom décor/Promise of a total room makeover - New hat, mitts, etc. - Bike - Scooter - Roller skates/blades - Basketball hoop - Trampoline - Swing set (for big ticket items like this, grandparents can pitch in) - An item they need, but they wanted a more expensive version than you would...

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Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

While your little ones are busy deciding whether they want to be a Frozen character or a Marvel superhero, you’re wondering what you can do to keep them safe this year. Here are 7 safety tips to keep young children happy, healthy and safe this Halloween: #1: Supervise Trick or Treating Trick or treaters under the age of 12 should always be accompanied by an adult. As you’re making the rounds of your neighborhood, remind your children of basic safety rules such as only knocking on doors with exterior lights on and never entering a stranger’s house. #2: Review Traffic Safety More children are struck by cars on Halloween than any other night of the year, according to the Safe Kids organization. That doesn’t mean you should be scared to let your kids out of the house that night, but that you need to make sure they understand how to be a safe pedestrian. Review the following rules with your children: • Look both ways before crossing the street. (Ideally, you should look right, left, and then right again.) • Only cross at street corners, stoplights or crosswalks. • Never cross against a green (or yellow) light. • Never run when crossing the street. • Stick to the sidewalk between houses. • Make eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of a stopped car and wait for them to wave you on. #3: Double-Check Costumes Whatever your little one wants to “be” this Halloween, make sure their costume won’t post a safety hazard. Costumes should be the right size for your child so they don’t trip over them, and materials should be flame resistant. Watch out for any potentially dangerous accessories like swords and teach your child not to swing these items around as they could hurt other kids (or themselves). Do a test run with any makeup to make sure your child isn’t allergic to it. For added safety...

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